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Happy Holidays my friends!

**UPDATE**  Unfortunately tonight's show at Definitive Brewing Co. in Newry has been cancelled on account of icy road conditions. Restaurant owners have the great responsibility of taking care of many people in many ways, unfortunately that means making tough calls such as this one. I am in full support of the decision, safety always comes first!

My sincere apologies to anyone who made the drive out to show their support for myself and DBC, if you arrived prior to getting the update and if the restaurant is open in any capacity, please enjoy your evening to the full! The beer, food and service are wonderful! 

We will be rescheduling a show very soon!!! :-) Until then, enjoy the holidays, stay safe and abundantly well and I look forward to seeing you soon!!

Every blessing,



Summer greetings my friends! Empowerment, health and strength to everyone during these trying times! I hope everyone has had a chance to go within, spend some time with SELF, and that it has been blessed and productive! Remember to BREEEAAATHE and to soak up that sunshine!!!

I'm sure you are all quite ready to get together and hear some live music! As far as I know, it looks like we will be back in business soon! I will post any public events as soon as we get the OK from the state.

Unfortunately, the album release date has been pushed ahead until an unknown date because of the current crisis. It is, however, well underway, and things are still indeed in motion! I am still hopeful for a release in 2020! Thank you all: your supportive energies have been much appreciated! I'm a firm believer that everything happens in Divine Right Time, and what this recent time of reflection and personal growth has done for me is nothing short of perfect! I am quite inspired and ready to let the music flow!!! Stay tuned for more updates and I very much look forward to seeing you all soon!!!

Every blessing,


Hello Beautiful Human Family!  We have survived yet another Cape Cod winter and are here to make our stand, ushering in the Age of Aquarius, Raising the Vibration with no shortage of Light and Unconditional Love!!!  Much Respect and Blessings to you all!!!  The trees are about to bud and blossom and with them our hearts; may we all return to Self, to Each Other, to LOVE -- Eternal and Unconditional!!!  One Love Children!!!

As many of you already know, I am working on releasing my very first album of original material for the summer of 2020!!! :-)  CDs will be available and will feature original artwork by local artist Alex Curtiss!!!  (Check out and support this amazing artist and human being here)  I hope to release it in June but of course all good things will happen in Divine Right Time!  I ask for your continued support, your positive thoughts and your prayers as it is no small task.  It is in fact quite a "birthing process" if you will!  Once again, all of your supportive energies are most welcome!  I will be updating this newsfeed with progress reports as things take shape; we've got lots of exciting things happening in 2020 so stay tuned for upcoming shows and special events this season!!! 

Blessings to ALL,


Greetings my friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am truly thankful for you all, for all of your love and support and just for existing in general! Love and blessings!

As some of you may know, this past summer Ember received more than its share of noise complaints from an anonymous party or parties within the town of Harwich Port. I cannot speak for other musicians but I am most certain that on a particular occasion that Jake and I were playing that we were well below appropriate sound decibel levels when a complaint call was received. After considerate and careful efforts to keep volume to a minimum, it would seem as if a neighbor just simply has something against live music or perhaps certain genres of music. One can only guess. The amount of complaints that have been received have become problematic and although there should be clear bylaws and a series of checks and balances (such as taking simple readings with a decibel meter from the street), unfortunately there are not; it seems that a simple phone call to the police, regardless of the circumstances results in a noise violation. This could end up punishing all of the hard-working musicians, restaurant management and staff and all of you who wish to continue to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that the Brackett family has worked to create there.

If you have enjoyed the live music at Ember and wish to see it continue then let your voice be heard! You can show your support by writing a letter addressed to "To whom it may concern", stating how you feel about the live music in Harwich Port and how it has changed the town for the better. Feel free to include as much or as little information about yourself as you wish such as your name, occupation, tax payer status, whatever. You can drop off your letter in person at Ember during business hours or mail letters to:


600 Route 28

Harwich Port, MA 02646

Let's make sure the music never stops!




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